9 Best Agorapulse Alternatives That Would Meet Your Business Requirements


Nowadays, social media has become such an integral component of everyone’s lives that most millennials check their social media handles first thing in the morning. And if you are a brand, a start-up or a corporate, you have to be constantly on your toes to ensure that you engage your audience positively. It is of utmost importance to make the right impressions on both existing and potential customers. 

Best Agorapulse Alternatives 2021

However, a major issue that small and medium enterprises face is managing all the social media platforms and posting the right content at the right time. Today there are many Social Media Management (SMM) tools available which assist businesses, influencers and freelancers in managing their profiles and getting most out of their content. 

One such popularly used platform is Agorapulse, which allows the users to schedule, reschedule, queue, or bulk upload their posts across all their social media platforms. The tool consists of almost all the features one would require; however, it is a pricey tool. 

If you have been using Agorapulse or are planning to use it then you should consider the below alternatives before taking your decision:

1. NapoleonCat 


NapoleonCat is a Social Media Management tool widely used for handling marketing, customer success teams and community management. The platform offers Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google My Business solutions. Different features provided by them include automated social customer service solutions, analytics, social media monitoring and moderation, competitive analytics, and automated reporting. 

If Agorapulse seems too expensive, then one can consider this tool as its basic package starts at only $21 per month while Agorapulse costs $79. If you don’t need the complete package and need the tool to operate only a few selected platforms, you have the option to procure its service at an even lower cost.



SocialPilot is ideally suited for small businesses, freelancers or agencies who are looking for publishing, engagement, and analytics. It provides a team collaboration feature and consists of client management functionalities. The tool complements all major social media accounts, which includes Tiktok, VK, and Tumblr. Using the reporting feature, users can figure out any changes that are required in the approach, thus enabling them to master the engagement in order to reach the desired outcome in time. 

The tool enables the user to access the inbuilt social inbox, hence allowing them to set up Facebook ads. Other user-friendly features like publishing, bulk scheduling, and easy to understand analytics are an advantage.  

3. Socialbakers Suite 


Socialbakers Suite is an AI-powered social media marketing tool which allows users to understand their target audience, collect necessary market information, track online conversations, measure marketing ROI, reach out to right influencers, and much more. It offers the users suitable content ideas, recommendations about publishing time and targeting, and advanced content analytics. 

The tool can be easily operated from any mobile device. Users can review and approve all their scheduled and published posts, send notes, and share reports with their team.

4. Buffer 


Buffer started as a Twitter account handler, but today it has turned into a complete social media management tool which can fulfil every requirement of a user. It is compatible with Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The tool is created by making use of latest technologies, which lets the users share their posts with the audience at best possible time throughout the day. This ensures that any targeted post gets maximum engagement. 

It provides users with beneficial insights and reports to help them understand their posts’ effect on the audience and attract traffic to their social media profiles.

5. Stacker 

Stacker tool

Stacker is one of the easiest ways to manage multiple social media platforms. Users get to read and respond to incoming messages from a single universal inbox. They can add all their content into Stacker, and the platform will publish each one at the best times throughout the day for maximum engagement. 

They can easily publish, reply, and track the performance of their account and post. The tool enables users to easily read reports, including clicks received, reverts, Retweets, likes, and more.

6. Zoho Social  

Zoho Social

Zoho Special is best suited for small or large organizations looking for a tool to grow their brand’s social media presence with the help of actionable insights that focus on positive content and engagement. It comes with pre-publishing insights based on the engagement level of previous posts and your audience’s activity. 

When it comes to assistance needed to grow a business, it goes a step ahead and brings to the user the percentage of their audience that’s likely to view their post in that moment, suggests the next best time to post, and lets them schedule a post to go out at the same time of the day in different time-zones. The users receive a dedicated report which provides them with social-network-specific statistics and detailed analytics.

7. Sysomos Expion 

Sysomos Expion

Sysomos Expion is a social media management solution which assists users to deliver content discovery, publishing, planning, moderation, and analytics in a single, easy-to-navigate screen. If the user is a large enterprise, Sysomos Expion can smoothly manage the account. It enables users to supervise their content by using the drag-and-drop content calendar. 

With the assistance of Sysomos Expion, users can easily figure out who to speak to, when to engage in meaningful conversation, and can even integrate with customer care centers. They can view the best performing content from all their social media presences and their competitors’ pages in a single view. Other than English, the tool supports Chinese and Japanese languages.

8. MeetEdgar 


Agorapulse is better suited for big agencies, while Meet Edgar makes a good option for freelancers, bloggers, and small agencies. Meet Edgar’s primary function is to help users perform tasks, manage, and post content. One unique feature of the tool is that it can automatically write status updates for the users by picking them up from articles or blogs. All that the users need to do is simply click a button and share it. 

Other features include scheduling of a post, RSS feed, URL shortener, etc. The tool also comes with a Chrome extension. Given it targets small businesses, its starting package price is $19 per month.

9. RecurPost


When compared to AgoraPulse’s starting plan of $79 per month, RecurPost provides both free and paid versions, which is very convenient. Contrary to AgoraPulse, RecurPost posts on Facebook Profiles and Google My Business Locations. The tool also supports importing updates from third-party platforms, thus making it very effortless to migrate to RecurPost. 

RecurPost uses the latest AI technology, giving the users a viable suggestion to enable their posts to benefit from maximum user engagement. It allows Google Alerts Support, with the help of which users can post directly from the source. Its value-added feature is that it enables users to create unlimited libraries, even if the users have opted for a freeopted free plan. 


Each tool has its own pros and cons, thus it is advisable to list down your requirements, priorities and goals before you finalize any social media management tool for your business. Consider your budget, and evaluate accordingly. This will enable you to see the bigger picture and thus help decide the best fit!

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