What’s Best Email App For MacOS

What’s Best Email App For MacOS

Best Email Apps For Mac: Email is an essential medium to communicate, especially when we talk about corporate or business. Email operators like Gmail and yahoo are the most popular ones. However, they lack convenience compared to dedicated desktop email clients.

The desktop email clients apps offer you some unique and great features to increase your work productivity. Email Apps For Mac will save you from distraction as it doesn’t need any browser to operate. Some apps even give you offline access to emails and contacts.

List of Top Email App For MacOS:-

If you have a Mac laptop or computer, there are a lot of options for an email app. Here are some of the top Email Apps For Mac. These apps are trustable and secure, all you need is to check the features and find out what you really need.

Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook

If we compare the outlook app for iPhone and outlook software in Mac, there are many differences. The Mac version is pretty much like the Apple Mail. Microsoft Outlook earlier was associated with some drawbacks like corporate memos, interface design clutter, and emails viruses.

Microsoft has been aware of it is continuously improvising. In the year 2016 outlook made in the best email client category list, this year its rank shifted to the second position.

The interface is now handy to use and still getting better with time. Outlook has beaten a lot of email clients in terms of features. If it offers users the ability to manage many inboxes with all in one calendar management feature, it also delivers a useful integration with Microsoft office.

The outlook is a great app to use as a business email client on Mac computers, convenient for office works you look for a reliable app.

Apple Mail:

Apple Mail

For MacOS Apple email operator Apple mail is the default app, also known as Mail App. The App has a simplistic design. The best thing about apple email operator is the interface the simple design makes emailing easier and more accessible. This App streamlines your email conversation, allows search filters and also many email accounts.

Apple connected Siri features to mail App in the MacOS Sierra, so you can now ask Siri to read your mails from your Mac computer. This feature simplifies multitasking; you can tell Siri to write a quick and small email for yours. Apple Mail is not for those you need too many functions; it is a handy and straightforward app available in every Mac device.

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Looking for a powerful features email client for your Mac? Postbox gives you three big reasons to use it, that is elegant design, customization and powerful features. Separating important mails is a necessity when you are handling emails at the workplace.

You don’t have to waste your time picking emails from junk. Postbox has categorization feature that makes you familiar with all the emails.

You can use Postbox for any IMAP or POP account including Google, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft and more. It lets you manage all your account at one place, create different groups to separate your personal and work emails. You can quickly access a few mails by marking it as a favourite. All the marked emails will appear on the Favourite bar just like a bookmark bar in a browser.

Postbox app helps you execute the right email; for example, you will find professional email templates completely free. These templates are great if you have to write similar emails daily. Not only will you save time, but also enjoy the process.

Nylas Mail:

Nylas Mail

Nylas is a free tool compatible with all operating system that is Mac, Windows as well as Linux. When you launch the App on your computer, you will be welcomed by a setup wizard window that lets you instantly add email account. There is a side panel where you can choose your view. You can select for Gmail like view or Outlook-like view.

No matter what you choose your view to be, you will be surprised by the excellent email composition panel. You can not find any person’s information with just email address, the only thing you can know is his or her name, nothing else except you already know him/her.

With Nylas app, you can have relevant information about your contact. It automatically gathers information from social media app and GitHub sites and delivers to you. You can then choose your priority by selecting the most important emails.

Mozilla Thunderbird:

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird was first launched in the year 2004, and within ten days of its release it crossed a remarkable number of downloads, and that ‘s one million. Mozilla’s thunderbird is not just an Email Apps For Mac, but it has a lot more to offer such as latest technologies, privacy and speed.

Thunderbird once topped the list of email clients, but over time it has lost some charm. Look, and design of the App is not that great compared to the latest apps. However, if we talk about features, thunderbird will not disappoint you.

Thunderbird makes search and managing mails simpler through tagging feature. You can tag emails in different categories like personal, work, To-Do or create a tag of your own. Here you can use an integrated calendar and chat client option, which are essentials for work purposes.

Thunderbird takes care of your privacy with multiple features like Do Not Track and remote content blocking. The App offers customization; you can add a personal touch to the App by adding extension and themes of your choice.



Airmail has the coolest and eye-catching layout, which many email client apps lack. The App’s design is what made it the winner of the Apple design award. Airmail is a lot different than apps featuring the same and basic layout. Airmail has remained in the list of best email apps for Mac for a long time, and it still holds its place with the new app version Airmail 3.

The new mail client is designed for the latest MacOS that is Mojave. It supports all email services and medium like iClouds, Google app, MS Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, IMAP, POP3, AOL, Outlook.com and much more. You can turn on the notification feature if you don’t get notifications for all your account. There are other user-friendly features too such as offline email access, global shortcuts, cloud storage support and more.



This email client does a lot more than just being an email desktop app. Polymail is designed for business and work productivity; it offers tools like email tracking, contacts insight and follows up reminders.

It clears your inbox clutter by labelling and organizing your emails. With the automated email outreach and meeting schedule, you can not only simplify your work but the work of your team as well. You don’t have to spend your time on repetitive tasks, leave it to Polymail and focus on valuable tasks.

This Email Apps For Mac also offers the user a sales platform with mail analytics and mail campaigns. Salesforce makes seamless integration with all kinds of online email services. Here you will find ‘Pay as you go payment’ method with plans starting from $10 monthly in Pro edition. By paying $16 monthly, you can enjoy Polymail’s collaboration features.

Canary Mail:

Canary Mail

The main focus of this App is user security; canary Email Apps For Mac has an end to end subscription, which ensures that the information only prevails between sender and receiver and nobody else even not the provider.

The canary App uses the same encryption that Edward Snowden used to hide his communication from the NSA. The security features are built-in you don’t have to do anything to enable it.

Canary app has a stunning interface; there are two themes to choose from and keyboard customization options. The App is compatible with Mac as well as all iOS devices.



Unibox has a unique way of organizing emails; it streamlines all your emails with respect to the conversation around contacts. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t categorize with dates and days. Navigation becomes easy here because the inbox resembles your text and messaging app. With Unibox you can read and write at the same window, don’t lose track of your work, preview mails and at the same space work on a new draft.

Unbox offers group making just like texting app. Want to discuss a project or a new task with your team members? Share an email to a group selecting only the members you need. Unibox has reinvented feature for attachments which is very different than the other email client apps.

The apps have two views for displaying attachment; one is icon view that showcases small attachments previews beautifully in small grids. The other view is called list view that shows complete information of attaching files through tables.



MailMate is a paid email apps for Mac consisting of exclusive features best for both small as well big business and workplace. Some of the best features of the App, which makes the App popular are extensive keyboard control, excellent search option and email composition.

MailMAte works with a plain text editor, which means that you use text from the keyboard. It is a simplistic way to work. Plain text means that you will not be able to create outlines, emphasize words, insert pictures or create links.

Though MailMate has plain text editor, you can use HTML made by other email clients when replying to an email or even forwarding. MaiMate app allows users to choose themes for their outgoing mail. MaiMate has many advanced features to offer such as advanced searching, drill-down search links, automatic signature handling, smart mailboxes, cryptographic, encryption, tagging layout and much more.



Spark offer relief to those who are overwhelmed with lots of emails daily; it lets you take control of your inbox. This smart email app has a unified inbox that categorizes emails for you automatically; you don’t have to do anything. The other stuff that makes the App more loveable are smart notifications, widgets, integration with different services.

Spark is one of the best apps for the workplace, you can invite your team members to discuss specific email threads. You and your whole team can be connected in a loop, where asking questions and replying would be very easy. You can compose professional email keeping your teammates in the loop with real-time editor feature.

Draft emails and schedule it for later for a specific time or date. The scheduled mail will be sent on your mentioned time and date, even if your device is off. You can also snooze emails if you don’t want to receive mail from a particular or group of receipts. Snoozing feature will be enabled in all Apple devices.

Kiwi for Gmail:

Kiwi for Gmail

If you can’t let go Gmail app, you can use Kiwi app to make it more user or work-friendly. Those who don’t use Gmail you can skip this option. Kiwi makes Gmail app more user-friendly; in simple words, kiwi is Gmail’s missing element. With Kiwi App, users can use all their Gmail accounts at one place without any issues or conflicts.

Kiwi provides you with several filters that help you organize your inbox. Apply day filters and see what emails you have received today, the day before yesterday or past days or weeks. Choose inbox that is marked important with Google AI or mails that are unread, starred or have attachments. You can apply any one filter or select multiple to ease email searching. You can turn off the filter anytime when you want to see all your mails.

One of the best things about using Kiwi app is that it lets you use all the G suite apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google drive and slides without using any browser. So no two distraction and work without opening Chrome or Safari on Mac.


These are the top email apps for Mac computer of the year; you can install any of these apps on your Mac desktop and increase your work productivity. Do let us know which App did you find the best in the comment section below.

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