10 Best Photo Stitching Software

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Photo Stitching Software: We enjoy lots of amazing features on our smartphones and photography is one of those things. Capturing moments or taking candid shots is always handy when you have a good megapixel camera on your mobile phone. But what about capturing lots of people together in one frame or capturing the scenery with your phone camera lens? Your phone camera can fail you at those moments.

Capturing a wide angle requires panorama effects and today most of the smartphones have this feature built in. But even if you take pictures with phone’s panorama effect it would not be as good as an ordinary picture. Some phones stretch out the image so much that ruins the picture completely.  This is when a photo stitching software will help you.

What is Photo stitching App?

Photo stitching tools help you create high-quality panorama images by stitching photos shot with different angles. Create amazing panorama images by yourself remap, rearrange and stitch everything can be possible with this software mentioned below. Let’s know them in detail.

List of Best Stitching App


Hugin is cross-platform panoramic imaging software which means that it can be used on multiple computing platforms. This app is built on a set of panorama tools which helps you to assemble a mosaic of photographs into an immersive panorama. It lets you stitch a series of overlapping pictures.


It has now reached a stable state as the earlier version were very basic. There has been a steady development of this software since it was released. This software now contains sophisticated features like the software being able to manually tweak control points and projection. If you need a simple, straightforward, easy to use photo stitching software Hugin is the one. It is free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux system. People also use it for creating amazing live wallpapers for iphones.

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link here


Autostitch software is not just another photo stitching tool it is different. It will automatically create Panorama pictures for you. Capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input. It automatically recognizes similar images and creates into a perfect panorama.  Just select a set of photos, and Autostitch does the rest.

Autostitch photo stitching software can stitch up to fifty images at once whether you have one dimension image (horizontal) or two-dimensional images ( horizontal and vertical) image, it can create both. If you would like to edit your photo further you’ll have to use some other photo editing software, because AutoStitch doesn’t provide any photo editing tools.

AutoStitch software is not only great for creating panoramas and also used for VR and visualization application.

AutoStitch can be downloaded and installed free of charge and its algorithm has been licensed to several other products such as Autopano Pro or Serif PanoramaPlus. The famous Lucas Ltd production company uses AutoStitch to produce panorama shots for their movies.

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link here

Image Composite Editor by Microsoft

Image Composite editor or generally mentioned as ICE is the image stitcher created by the Microsoft Research Interactive Visual Media Group.

This app creates high-resolution images from a set of overlapping pictures taken from a single camera location. This software has a bundle of amazing features for creating panorama images, have a look below.

img composite editor

  • ICE can make a panorama from panning videos which includes stop-motion action overlaid on the background.
  • Missed puta shot don’t worry as this software fills missing pixels around the edges of your panorama.
  • The application provides the user with a perfect guideline of creating a beautiful panorama. You can also backup and change settings, and later see effects of those change without starting over again.
  • ICE will allow you to zoom in to your created images to see every detail of your stitched panorama, no matter how big, before you export.

Panorama created from ICE can be saved in several kinds of formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PSD/PSB Photoshop’s format, also the multiresolution tiled format used by HD View and Deep Zoom.

After you are done making panorama image and wish to share it with friends ICE uploads your image directly to Photosynth where your friends will able to view it, you can also have a 3D view of your image sat Photosynth.

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link here


PTGui is a powerful Panorama making software which creates higher resolution images with blazing speed. With OpenCL GPU acceleration PTGui can stitch a 1 Gigapixel panorama in just 25 seconds on modest hardware. PTGui is an automatic tool it will automatically figure out how each image will overlap.

This software has a super cool feature which lets you create Spherical Panoramas  360° x 180°. There is no limitation on the number of the photo you want to stitch together.

PTGui can stitch hundreds and thousands of photos together creating stunning images with billions of pixels. It is a strong panorama creator which creates all kind of images even those with difficult scenes.

Along with all these amazing features PtGui supports several panoramic projections such as Rectilinear (‘flat’), Cylindrical, Circular / Fullframe, Mercator, Equirectangular, Vedutismo, Cylindrical, Stereographic

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link here

Kolor Autopano

Kolor Autopano features got doubled with reducing in price since it was purchased by Go pro. With this panorama making too you can create a spherical panorama in the simplest way. It comes with the cost of 99 euros. It creates high-resolution images and is time efficient too.  

One of the premium features this tool offers is that it makes professional quality panorama images in a real-time panoramic editor. With this editor, you can preview your render and manually edit control points for stitching gigapixel panoramic images.

Kolor Autopano allows automatic HDR fusion with which you can use HDR files for several effects. Here you can import from around 400 different file formats which include all types of camera formats and RAW output.

You can create a spherical panorama in formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD / PSB, HDR, EXR and KRO, in 8 bit, 16 bit or 32 bit, all dependent upon the format you wish to use.

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link here

PanoramaPlus X4

PanoramaPlus X4 is not only created good panorama images through photo stitching but also beautiful panoramas from videos. After you create panorama image you can edit the look of an image through editing tools. Also, you can have the PDF of panoramas you created.

The main features you get in PanoramaPlus X4 are mentioned below:

  • You can share or upload stitched images directly to social media pages like Facebook and Flickr. Share images instantly to your friends and showcase your creativity
  • This software allows QuickTime virtual reality known as VR format. This creates a 360° moving image, which showcases a complete location of your image.
  • With this software, you can Simultaneously create multiple images.
  • It can create a panorama by capturing still frames from video clips.
  • This software comes with various editing tools like rotation, straightening, and cropping to get your image looking right. And for advanced editing, it will redirect you to an application like PhotoPlus.
  • Image formats that are supported in PanoramaPlus X4 are RAW, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link here

Panoweaver 10

Panoweaver 10 is an intelligent photo stitcher that features friendly operation. You will be able to create panorama images within few clicks.

Images can be synchronized to EP-Sky, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, images can be recognized as panoramic viewing. This version of Panoweaver has adopted the latest stitching algorithm that has double the efficiency and stability

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link

GigaPan Stitch

GigaPan is one of the best know photo stitching software, it features a solution for shooting and creating high-resolution panoramic images in a single system.

It can combine thousands of images taken into high-resolution panorama image and that too automatically. Upload all the images and rest will be done by the software itself. It is the full-service panoramic photography equipment.

Following are some major features you get with GigaPan software

  • With the Epic series of robotic camera mounts, you can capture photos with almost any digital camera.
  • GigaPan EPIC robotic mounts enable cameras to take hundreds and thousands of photos, which are combined to create one highly detailed panorama image keeping amazing depth and clarity.
  • The Gigapan EPIC and EPIC 100 are compatible with a broad range of point-and-shoot cameras and even with small DSLRs to capture gigapans, quickly and accurately. Light and compact, they are easy-to-use and remarkably efficient.
  • The EPIC series of panoramic photography has brought you the technology of Marc. This equipment is based on the same technology employed by the Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, for capturing the incredible images of the red planet.

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link here

ArcSoft Panorama Maker

ArcSoft Panorama Maker 6 creates panorama images into a different level. At ArcSoft you would love creating Panorama image, here you can create, view and also export splendid 3D panoramas. You will be able to turn your 2D images into 3D.

ArcSoft panorama maker not only stitches your photos but features five professional stitch modes which are Auto mode, 1-dimensional mode i.e is horizontal and vertical mode, also 360 degrees and tile mode.

Don’t miss out any scenic beauty and capture photos and create panoramas of landscapes, city skylines, mountain ranges, forest whatever you like.

 powerful features of this software:

  • You can save your created panorama as an MPO file so that your friends and family can view it in 3D on a 3D viewing application.
  • This software supports popular 3D preview solutions such as PageFlip, Line Interleave, Checkerboard, and Anaglyph.
  • ArcSoft provides users with much powerful media automatic and manual editing tools. It automatically adjusts the colour effect of your panorama with auto-colour balance. Also, you can edit panorama by adjusting auto-brightness, auto-exposure, and auto-dynamic lighting. With manual editing tools, you can crop, straighten and adjust the brightness and contrast levels.
  • With convenient online print service print professional-looking panorama photos. Also, you can customize panorama prints with your preferred size and material, for instance, matte or glossy.
  • You can create a panoramic picture from movies ArcSoft will automatically split movie clips into still frames. You can then choose the frames you like and stitch them together and creating a beautiful panorama. It will include these formats MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4, M2TS, MTS.
  • Export your panorama as a variety of file formats including- JPEG, TIF, BMP, TGA, MOV, Flash, PTViewer.

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link here

iFoto Stitcher

iFoto stitcher is the best Photo Stitching Software for panorama maker for Mac devices, it stitches images and creates high-resolution images taken from any devices like camera, scanner or mobile phones.

Auto-select by group feature makes align images without manual work. It creates stunning panoramic photography with automatic level exposure levelling, lens shading correction and automatic cropping algorithm.


powerful features of this software:

  • This software uses different stitching techniques are used to extend the capability of digital camera or other devices. You can broaden the field view many times vertically, horizontally or tile and even create 360 panoramas in high resolution.
  • It supports several image formats but also New files of different camera types which includes Canon, Epson, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and many other popular camera types. You can even export panoramas to TIFF, JPEG or JPEG-2000 files.
  • And you can also edit images however you like. Straighten and rotate images and set it with the correct angle. Even adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance your panorama images. Add frame and texts to the panoramic photograph if you require.
  • With iFoto stitcher, you can save panoramas on a computer or share it on different social media platform like  Facebook, Twitter Instagram etc.
  • iFoto Montage makes image montage maker and creates amazing mosaic photo with many tile-images. The tiling techniques used here along with special effects empower you to create a photo collage in shape with ease.

To Download this software on your Windows or Mac click on the link here

These are the best photo stitching software with stunning panorama making features. Do let’s us know which one is your favourite. Wide angle photography is not a problem any more, you can make images talk let them speak what you explored.

Capture multiple images stitch them together to make astounding panoramas. Capture, stitch and edit and share it to the world take your photography to the next level and experience the fun.


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