How To Delete All Instagram Photos at One Time


Have you loaded your Instagram account with numerous photos, and what to delete stuff that you don’t like? Here we are happy to help! 

Delete All Instagram Photos at One Time

Instagram gives you a headache if wish to delete more than one photo from your account. It takes so much of your time when you want to delete hundreds of pictures. You don’t have to worry about these anymore.

Though Instagram officially doesn’t allow you to delete more than one photo at once, you can take the help of some third-party apps.

We have mentioned a few apps for iOS as well as Android which helps you to clear out bundles of the photo together. So let’s get started!

How to all Delete Photos From Instagram

So, if you haven’t deleted any photos on Instagram yet, first know how to officially delete your post with few clicks.

Step1: Open your Instagram post which you wish to delete. 

Step2: Tap on the three dots above your posts.

Step3: Tap Delete and also confirm your deletion.

If you want to hide your posts from your followers, you can achieve posts. This way yo can keep the post hidden along with the likes and comments.

How to Delete Multiple Photos at once in Instagram using 3rd party apps:

Cleaner For Instagram

The cleaner for the Instagram app is made to perform a task in bulk, this tool is a multipurpose star. Whether you wish to unfollow groups of people, block someone, delete or like/unlike you can perform all these tasks in bulk.

Download the App: For Android, For iOS 

Here is how you can delete photos in bulk 

Step 1: Download and Install the Cleaner for an Instagram app.

Step2: Sign in with your Instagram username and password.

Step3: Select the media button, you see at the bottom of your screen.

Step4: Now select the photos/videos you want to delete or else click on the ‘Quick Select’ blue button to ‘select all’ all the media files.

Step5:  A ‘Flash’ floating icon will appear on your screen tap on it. Now go to the following order for deleting various posts ‘Delete’ icon then press ‘Start Now’.

The free version of ‘cleaner for Instagram’ app allows you to delete 50 photos at once. If you want to exceed this limit you can go for Pro or Cloud version to use it unlimitedly for the cost of $3-$5.


This app is cleared of bulk of photos with few clicks. Along with deleting photos, it has multiple functions too such as unfollowing several users at once.

Download the app: iOS

Here is the stepwise guidance to use this app.

Step1: Install and launch an Instant cleaner app on your phone. If you are not able to download this app from the google store you can also download it the apk file.

Step2:  After the download is complete the login process with your insta id and password.

Now go to the post option which will be displayed at the bottom bar.

Step3: After the post option is selected this app will showcase all your Instagram post including photos and videos. Now start to select all the photos that you wish to delete.

Step4: After you have finished selecting the number of photos that you want to delete tap on the delete button. This will delete the photos and videos that you have selected in the first place.


InstaDelete is easy to use the app, it simplifies your post deleting process. This app allows you to delete 30 photos at once. So if the deleting post id not huge for you this app will come in handy.

Download the app: Android, iOS

Here’s how you can remove all Instagram photos:

Step1: Download InstaDelete and login with the username and password. 

Step2: Choose photos you wish to delete or else tap on select all to select the top 30 photos list.

Step3: The bottom of the screen will display the “delete selected” tap on it. Wait for a few seconds, all the selected photos will slowly be removed one by one. It may take a while depending on your phone connection.

Mass Delete For Instagram 

One another app which helps in deleting Instagram photos in bulk is the ‘Mass Delete for Instagram’ app. This app comes in two versions Paid and free.

The free version is enough for Mass deletion, Mass follow/unfollow, Mass unlike for Instagram. This app is not available on the Google Play Store. But, it can be downloaded from other App stores.Download the app: Android, iOS

Step1: Simply Download & Install: Mass Delete For Instagram,

Step2: To Install this app you have to ‘Enable installation from Unknown Sources’. 

That’s it, folks, this was all about deleting multiple Instagram Post at once. Save yourself some time and delete photos and videos within a few seconds.

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