How To Set Any Song as a iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes?

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iPhone ringtone without iTunes: Earlier it was time when we used to download any song on our device and immediately, could set that song as a ringtone. We should be surprised that with the advancement of technology, making a ringtone would be an easy process compared to the process which we used to do on cell-phone of 2013 or 2014.

But, on the contrary, this process has become little complex, and for the iPhone users, it is seemingly an annoying one.

Know-How to Set Song as iPhone Ringtone without iTunes

How To Set Any Song as a iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes?

As we know, iPhone models work completely differently from normal android phones and other operating systems. So, it would take more effort to download a ringtone and then set it one the device.

With some sublime features and fast processing systems, Apple has introduced some of the most unique and melodious ringtones to the iPhone users. On the other side, the user has their own expectations as they want to download free songs on iPhone to convert it to a ringtone further.

Until now, the user was mostly dependent on iTunes to set their favorite song as a ringtone. Therefore, it was a quite simple procedure for them.

But, recently, there is a twist in the tale as the same process is taking more effort and time. More importantly, we cannot deny the fact that every iPhone user needs to comply with the ever-advancing Apple’s technology.

Now that you are using iPhone 6 and new versions, you need to download GarageBand on your device in order to set any song as your device ringtone. By this, you can easily choose any song and set it as iPhone ringtone. To download GarageBand, go to the App Store, from where you can search and download GarageBand.

Steps to Set Song as iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes

Step I – Import song into Music Library

At first, You need to import the song which you want as a ringtone into your device Music Library. If you don’t proceed with this specific step, you won’t see that song within the GarageBand.

Step II – Launch GarageBand

Open GarageBand. If haven’t installed it yet, you can download GarageBand from App Store.

Step III – Tap On View Button

Now, import your preferred song by selecting any of the instrument and tap on view button.

Step IV – Tap Loop Browser

You will find Loop Browser in the top right corner. Tap Loop Browser Button.


Step V – Tap Music tab

Now, you need to select the music tab in order to find the song that you want to convert into a ringtone. Note, the greyed-out songs are not eligible for the selection; that means, these songs cannot be added to GarageBand. You can select your favourite song from Albums, Genres, playlists, Song etc.


Step VI – Add Song to GarageBand

Drag the song according to your choice. Drag it to the right or left to insert it to GarageBand. Here, you will notice that the default length is concise. Therefore, you need to modify its length, for that, you need to edit the track length so that you can easily hear more song options.

Tap the + icon at the top right corner to add bars to your track. It is totally up to you how many bars you want to add, the more bars you add; the longer song clip will be.


Step VII – Trimming The Song

You can trim the song to the length that you want in the Edit section. The sides will turn into yellow, and you can stretch it from the beginning or the ending to generate your desired trimmed length. If you want to split it or make it appear in the loop, and many more actions, you need to double-tap the song preview.

Note that you are making a ringtone so it would be better to trim a portion that is more pleasant to ears and is more appealing too.

Step VIII – Saving The iPhone Ringtone

When You finally satisfied with the song that you have just trimmed for here here ringtone. Tap the drop-down arrow and select My Songs. The ringtone which you have made will directly save as “My Song”. If you want to rename the file, you can easily do it by just selecting the title.

Step IX – Exporting Ringtone

When you tap and hold the thumbnail for your song, you will find menu option appearing above. Now, Tap the Share icon, and then Ringtone icon.


Then, rename the ringtone and tap export.

When you finished exporting ringtone. Tap on “Use Sound As”. Now select options from the menu that when you want to hear the ringtone.

You can also add the ringtone with the normal procedure. For that, go to Setting – Sounds –Ringtone, and tap on your desired ringtone from the menu.

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These mentioned steps will definitely help you set an iPhone Ringtone of your favorite song without using iTunes. You can create numerous Ringtone for your family and friends. Let us know what you think about this article and if you have other queries while making a ringtone, let us know in the comment section below.


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