How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X?

How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X

Battery Percentage on iPhone X: When Apple releases new iPhone models and iOS system updates, it retains the basic parameters of the new iOS update as same as the previous iOS version for the user’s convenience.

But sometimes there may be changes in iOS such as the battery percentage that displays on the iPhone. This article guides you on how to show iPhone battery percentage on an iPhone xamp.

Guide to Battery Percentage on iPhone X

iphone x battery percentage

Follow the given below steps:

  • You need to hold your finger to the top right horn from the battery icon.
  • Then swipe down to access Control Center.
  • Then the battery percentage appears at the top right in the Control Center.
  • After checking, you need to swipe up to dismiss Control Center.
  • This way you can keep a tab on the battery status on your iPhone.

If you do not know about accessing the Control Center panel, follow the below steps to show battery percentage on iPhone:

  • You need to swipe down with one finger from the top-right corner of the display where you can view the battery icon and signal strength indicators.
  • If you do not utilize the Control Center, you need to swipe down to view the battery percentage.

You Can Also Include the Battery Widget to Your Lock Screen

batteries widget ios

This is another method to show Battery Percentage on iPhone X. You need to charge your iPhone with the lightning charging cable or with a Qi-supported wireless charging pad. Follow the given below steps to add the battery widget to your lock screen:

  • You need to go to the home screen of your iPhone and then swipe to the right.
  • Then scroll down that page and click the edit button and press it.
  • You can see options under More Widgets on the Add Widgets screen and click the plus sign next to Batteries.
  • Next time, when you swipe right from your home or lock screen, you can view the battery widget.
  • Then you can easily view the battery percentage.

If You Do Not View the Battery Widget

Follow the given below steps:

  • You need to click on Today View in Settings then Face ID then Passcode and then ON Today View.
  • Then pair a new Bluetooth device and refresh a Bluetooth connection. You need to check if the Bluetooth device is currently connected.
  • Then turn off Bluetooth and then on it again by going to Settings and then Bluetooth.
  • You can also view the battery widget after pairing your iPhone with an Apple Watch, AirPods or any other Apple wireless accessory.


Most users face a problem that the battery percentage on their iPhone gets stuck in there. When they charge their device, it works properly for a while and then after a few minutes, the battery slows down and stuck at some fixed percentage.

There are certain methods that you can try to resolve this problem:

1. Check your charging equipment

  • You need to check your charging cable, adapter, or power source.
  • If you want to check if your charging cable is working, you need to charge your other iOS device with the same charging cable.
  • You can also use a different wall outlet to connect your charger or adapter.
  • You can also connect your iPhone to the USB port of your PC or Mac to check the charging equipment.

2. Force restart your iPhone X

force restart iphone x

Some users have an issue that their iPhone does not charge when they connect it to the charger. It displays a black screen and gets stuck in there. The problem arises if the system crashes and the device becomes unresponsive.

It is necessary that you should reset or restore your iPhone. Follow the below steps to do a force restart on your iPhone:

  • You need to hold and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Then you need to press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Then press and hold the Side button/Power button until the Apple logo appears.
  • You need to hold the Side button/Power button for about 20 seconds to reboot when the battery percentage gets stuck on a black screen.
  • Once your iPhone restarts, charge it completely.
  • Then you need to identify a corrupted content or faulty app that causes these problems.
  • If this problem arises after downloading or installing a new app on your iPhone, you need to delete or uninstall that app to prevent the same problem.

3. Enable your iPhone X to charge a little longer

  • When your iPhone gets totally drained, you need to connect your iPhone to the charger for a little longer until the charging screen or charging indicator appears.
  • If the charging screen does not display or it shows connect to power screen, you need to check your charging equipment such as the jack, USB cable, and power adapter.
  • You can also connect your iPhone to a computer and access the device system through iTunes.
  • If iTunes recognizes your iPhone, you can update or restore iOS using iTunes.

4. Plug your iPhone to Mac or Windows

Plug iPhone x to Mac

  • You can use an alternative charging port for iPhone charging such as a laptop computer for charging your iPhone.
  • It is necessary that you should check that your laptop connects to a power source and that the screen turns on.

5. Check your Battery Percentage on iPhone X

If you check your iPhone battery, it can help to improve the battery system as well as the battery life of the iPhone. You can apply this method when there is still a little amount of power left on your device.

Check your iPhone x battery

This method may help you if you face the problem of slow charging. The calibration process requires draining the battery fully. Then you can use it as usual until its battery drained again. Follow the below steps to calibrate your iPhone battery:

  • You need to use your iPhone until it powers off or when the battery fully drained.
  • Then turn it on and then let it turn off on its own.
  • When your iPhone completely power off, you need to connect it to a charger. Then enable it to charge until the charging indicator or battery icon shows it is 100% charged.
  • Then unplug your phone from the charger and then turns it on.
  • If it shows that it does not reach 100%, you need to connect it again into the charger. Then enable it to charge as long as it is completely 100% charged.
  • When the battery is 100% charged, disconnect the charger.
  • You need to restart your iPhone.
  • After that, you can use your phone again as usual until it runs out of power and turns off on its own.
  • Then charge it again until the battery gets completely charged.
  • Then turn on your phone.

Last Note

You can easily show the battery percentage on the iPhone X with the above-mentioned ways. If you face any issue that the battery percentage on your iPhone gets stuck in, you can fix this issue with the above-mentioned methods. Keep visiting for more such articles.


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