How To Stop Verification Required When Installing Free Apps On iPhone or iPad

Stop App Verification

Do you need to verify your payment information every time you try to install a new app from the App Store on your iPad or iPhone? Here is the quick guide that can help you to overcome this time-consuming action which is completely avoidable.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to stop “verification required” prompt from all your iOS devices. If these following steps are able to make you solve this issue, please share your feedback as your comments are always welcomed.

How Do I Turn off App Store Verification Required?

We know how annoying it is to get a popup every time you try to install an application from the App Store.

You are constantly getting a popup saying “Verification Required – Before you can make purchases, you must tap continue to verify your payment information.” or you might get “Verification Required.

Tap Continue and sign in to view billing information” on iPhone, iPad or iOS devices. Such popup messages usually appear when you try to install application form App Store. And then, it is obvious that seeing such popup every time can frustrate you.

I, myself have encountered this issue so many times, so I know how livid you would be while facing such popups. So, what is the solution then?

Let me tell you the basics of how this issue initiates. So, this popup message is an outcome of the whatever payment method used on the Apple ID linked to your device.

If you have a payment which is still pending or if your payment method is not updated then you are most likely to get the message which says” Verification Required.” Another factor would be such if you have never purchased any application or your iOS device has never been utilized to purchase in the app store.

How to Fix “Verification Required” Messages in iOS 11

For this, you need to change your payment method to get rid of this issue. On top of that, you can also select a valid payment method for your purchasing.

You can also choose “None” so that you will not be associated with any payment details with an. Apple ID.

If you are not able to select None option, so you need to check whether your previous payment is pending or not.

in addition to that, there is a Family Sharing Option available in iOS, if this option is still enabled, then also you can’t select None option.

For this, you need to follow this “(Open Settings app on your iOS device → Name → Family Sharing → tap [your name] → tap Leave Family.)  There are several other options too that disables you to select None option, but these two mainly appear in iOS devices.

 open setting app

On your iPhone, open setting app and tap on iTunes & Stores.Itunes

Tap on Apple ID

Here, you need to type your Apple ID password. Then an Apple ID menu will popup displaying four options which are View Apple ID, sign Out, iForgot and Cancel.

Select View My Apple ID.

Apple ID

Tap on Payment Information

Payment Information

  • Section of PAYMENT TYPE

You will fine None Option under the section of PAYMENT TYPE, Tap None option.

Iphone Account

That’s it, you have successfully solved the issue, now no more verification required messages will appear on your iPhone, iPad or iOS devices.

Moreover, you can easily update your Apple ID information. The procedure for the same is quite simple and easy going just like we accomplished for solving verification required problem.

How to change Apple App Store Change Payment Information in iTunes.

Tap on your View My Account

open iTunes on your computer then click on account which is located in the top navigation menu and then tap on your View My Account.
Payment Mac

You will be required to type your APPLE ID password.

ID Step 2

Thereafter, you will be redirected to Account Information page of your iTunes account.

Tap on Edit

You will find Edit button next to Payment Information Option. Tap on Edit.
final Step

Tap on None.

Payment Option

Click on Done form the bottom right corner

Fill Information

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This article will help you to solve the issue of disappearance of “None” option from your payment option. In addition to that, you will stop receiving those annoying verification messages from App Store before downloading any application.


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