How To Use the QR Scanner on iPhone and iPad

How to use the QR Scanner on iPhone and iPad

QR Scanner on iPhone: QR codes are black and white patterns that contain information or data ranging from movie or bus tickets to social media profile information. All encoded in a single screen of black and white pattern. 

QR code wiki

This is the QR Code for the Wikipedia website homepage.

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Back in 2012 QR codes were a big deal gaining prominence really fast. However, their popularity did not exactly pan out as wished for, but their importance remains firm. 

With every payment wallet along with a million other businesses using QR codes these days, it is only natural you know how to use your iPhone to scan them.

Before we begin, you should know the ambiguity of QR codes and how they could refer to codes for different applications. For example, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook and other applications have all got their own personal QR codes which they use for their own use. Here, we begin by using the camera app and then later moving to personalised apps.

Using the Camera app on iPhone:

  • To scan a QR code using your camera app in the iPhone or iPad, you need to allow the camera app access to do so.
  • To enable the app, go to settings on your iPhone and then click on the camera option in there.
  • Now once in the camera app, you should be able to notice many options. Toggle the switch for the option Scan QR Codes to ON as shown in the image below.

WhatsApp Image

  • After toggling the switch to ON, move on to the camera app on your iPhone and long press on the app firmly or simply open it.
  • In case you long pressed, you should see the following options on the app.

WhatsApp Image

  • Once you have opened the app on your phone, point the camera towards the QR code that you want to scan and hold the phone firmly such that the QR code occupies the centre position on the screen of the phone.

WhatsApp Image

  • As soon as you point the phone towards the QR code, your phone if it has an internet connection, would send you a notification of what the QR code that you are scanning represents as can be clearly seen in the image above.


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