How to View, Download and Delete Music for Offline Use?


Offline Music: Music is something that transcends cultural barriers, race stereotype and is essentially a universal solvent.

Since the dawn of the Jio age, having mobile data is no more a luxury but basically a necessity. With an entire country using mobile data at dirt cheap prices, digital space has increased manifold in the country. 

Applications like PayTM, Google Pay, etc. for money transfer. YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, and Prime, etc. for video content. Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, etc. for social media have received unprecedented growth not only in their user base but also user retention.

This digital uproar that India has been a part of thanks to Jio and the eventual slashing of data prices buy every other telecom operator in the country, brought about a revolution in the use of the internet and the music industry was definitely NOT left behind.

Ways to View, Download and Delete Offline Music

The article here is aimed at helping you, as the topic suggests, view, download as well as delete offline music for use. 

We have divided our segment into three parts. To begin with, we will look at the paid options available currently for downloading and listening to music. 

Secondly, we would try out some methods wherein you can download music for free for a specified period as premium members of some of the paid music engines. 

At last, we would take a look at some absolutely free, albeit tedious, ways of downloading and listening to offline music and deleting it later if need be.




When it comes to Music, Spotify is the most famous name in the world. The much-anticipated move of launching Spotify in India took place just a couple of months back and the app is still relatively fresh.

A Swedish media service provider launched back in 2006, Spotify rose up to be the most famous name in the music industry worth a whopping $30 billion empire.

It has a collection of over 50 million music tracks apart from the hosts of podcasts and more. 

The subscription starts at Rs. 129 per month, users can also choose from daily and weekly plans.

 However, Spotify does offer a free version supported by advertisements. This version does not let you download offline music in your device for use. 

Given below are the plans for Spotify in India. For your own country, you can check out their website.


Here comes the interesting part though. STUDENT DISCOUNT. In case you are a student studying in a school or recognized university currently, as I am sure most of you are, you get a whopping 50% discount on every plan they have to offer.  

All you have to do is while opting for payment, choose the student plan, and follow the procedure as they show. You would be asked to submit two proofs of being enrolled in any educational institute. 

Once you send in the scanned copies of the same, you would receive a confirmation from Spotify if the documents were in order and you are good to go. 

Apple Music

Apple Music

If you possess an iPhone, downloading music on iPhone might be your best bet with its amazing UI and curated playlists.

Apple Music was announced on June 8, 2015, and launched on June 30, 2015, in over 100 countries worldwide. Its users select music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing, curated playlists.

New subscribers get a three-month free trial period before the service requires a monthly subscription.

Charges for the same are mentioned above. These are the latest prices slashed down from ₹120 a month to ₹99 and similar slashing for the student plans.

Apple also has family plans which are amazing if you have a group of friends using the iPhone as they help reduce the monthly prices to dirt-cheap levels.

The Apple Music subscriptions come with numerous advantages as shown in the image below. All of these are true for any subscription plan you choose.

The process to secure a student discount in Apple Music is also quite straightforward and similar to that of Spotify.



Now, come back to the Indian bred apps for Music. Wynk is a relatively new music engine with a wide range of songs and tracks of English as well as Hindi and other Indian languages. When music is considered an Airtel user has many advantages. Because Bharti Airtel has one music product Wynk.

If you are a subscriber of Airtel cellular data, you are not only given the Wynk Plus (The flagship premium subscription) at one third the price of the normal user.

Not only that, you can also download offline music and listen to it anywhere anytime but you would get ads in between though which you cannot skip like YouTube. But it is completely free. 

Wynk Plus

It allows you to download unlimited songs within app for offline music listening. Data charges apply for downloading the songs. Once downloaded, the songs always play offline music.

To know about the Wynk plus plans for different parameters, refer the table below.


JioSaavn offline music

Jio after gaining prominence as the leading telecom provider in the country started acquiring other multimedia firms that had a large user base in India and Saavn happened to be the largest music provider then. After the merger of JioMusic and Saavn, the company became, JioSaavn with Jio holding the majority shares.

JioSaavn houses an enormous collection of songs of all languages from English to Kannada and all genres ranging from Soft Rock to Death Metal.  

It is the largest provider of Bollywood and other Indian music forms for all the classical fans along with being the largest music provider from India. 

The pricing model for the firm as of now is ₹99 per month on Android / ₹120 per month via iTunes on iOS.
On a yearly basis, it is ₹299 per year on Android and iOS.

Other Options for Offline Music

  • Google Play Music
  • Pandora
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • Deezer
  • YouTube Music

These services, however, are not as helpful and good as the ones mentioned above factoring the cost into account along with their individual costs as well as playlist size. You might like to move on to other services for music curation or listening as the ones mentioned above are the best in the business and also surprisingly the cheapest.

Freemium Services

Now, these are some of the services that offer their content for free for a certain amount of time before you have to pay for it. These are basically the ones already mentioned on the list but here you get to see their free time. 


The company used to offer a 1 month trial period to its users in an attempt to tempt them into buying the subscription to their services. 

However, lately, it has rolled out a new offer which according to the CEO, is supposed to be permanent.

From now on, the premium membership would have a free trial version of 3 whole months and is available worldwide and not just the US.

Apple Music

Apple typically offers a three-month free trial of Apple Music though promotions from retailers and carriers which can be in some conditions be extended to four months. 

The Apple Music four-month free trial requires you to sign up with LivingSocial to activate. So far over 25,000 offers have been redeemed. The offer is only suitable for new subscribers; previous subscribers can get one month of Apple Music free. 

This recent change in plans was announced only recently in an attempt at getting back at the Spotify free membership period change.

Wynk and JioSaavn

They provide a one-month free premium service to their users. They feel 1 month is enough time to drive in a user and let them experience the seamless experience that the free services have to offer. 

However, JioSaavn provides a 90-day Freemium feature for its Jio users wherein they can enjoy the entire breadth of the app absolutely free.

Freeways to Download Offline Music

In the following piece, we are going to explore free ways to download music on your mobile or PC. The following ways might be a bit lengthy and time-consuming however they do not cost a dime and the songs remain with you until you finally delete them.

The first way to do so would obviously as you might have realized be torrent. We are not going to discuss it here though. 

Before the age of Jio and essentially unlimited internet, Music used to be a royalty and listening to it growing up used to be limited to YouTube.  Here we look at the age-old method of using YouTube for music purposes again. 

The simple way is to convert the music video of your favorite song on YouTube into an mp3 using the online mp3 converters available and then transfer the music to your phone. 

Follow the step by step process in order to download free music from YouTube 

Convert YouTube to mp3

Convert YouTube to mp3

  • Open YouTube on your laptop, PC or mobile. In case you are using your mobile for this, make sure not to open the YouTube app but the YouTube website.
  • Once you are in there, type in the name of the song or piece of music you wish to listen to and weed through the results until you find the exact song you are waiting for.
  • Click on the video and play it. 
  • Once clicked on the video, and after making sure it is the one you want, right-click on the video and you will find a menu shows up with 4-5 options. Select the first one from the mix which says Copy Video URL. Do Not select the Copy Video URL in the current time option.

In case you are using a mobile phone, press on the video until the option shows up.

  • Now, go to a new tab and type YouTube to mp3 and from the many links that appear, select any.
  • Now that you are in the site, place on the dialogue box that says to paste the link and then once you have checked that the convert to option has been set to mp3, click on start.
  • Once the conversion process is complete, which would require about two to three seconds at max, click on download and that’s it.
  • You are now in possession of an audio file that you can transfer across any devices and listen to offline music anywhere anytime. 

A few ways of listening to music as well as being able to download offline music and delete it.

Let us know in the comments if you would like to know about more free platforms or ways to listen to offline music in an easier fashion and we would certainly get back to you with the same.

We recommend using Spotify or Wynk as they provide large music bases and with almost 1 GB data being available. These days, streaming music is no more a luxury. The heavily curated content of Spotify and Apple Music along with their weekly playlists just for you.  All the platforms mentioned here will make you fall in love.

Based on some parameters, we have curated the type of people that we think would love the apps mentioned here. 

Platforms like Pandora, Deezer, Google Play Music or YouTube Music, etc are not mentioned here due to obvious reasons. The parameters considered here are subject to personal taste and not to be taken as a final statement. 


Music lovers have an abnormally large affinity towards music.

Apple Music

iPhone and other Apple device users want a delighting and simple experience while listening to offline music.


Airtel users who don’t want to pay anything for offline Music and also Indians with a slightly foreign taste for music.


Jio users as well as Bollywood and Indian music enthusiasts who don’t mind paying for their music. 

YouTube to mp3

If you have way too much free time, this is for you.

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