How to Clean All Personal Data from iPhone & iPad [Step By Step Guide]

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How to clean iPhone data: Planning to sell out or had over your iPhone to others, make sure you have cleared off all the data. No matter how old or new is your phone, securing your phone data is a must. Data security is not a joke you must always be aware of where the data gets saved and if if you delete it it’s permanently vanished or not. 

How to Erase Data on your iPhone and iPad?

You should always delete your phone content before reselling or handing it to others you can do that by performing a factory reset.  But before that, you will first need to save all your content, and don’t it very simple to backup data on your phone.

Backing up data also simplifies setting up the process when you start with a new phone. There are some tips too which you should follow prior to selling out your phone.

What to Do if Prior to Selling your Phone?

Before you start with the backup process you will have to prepare your iPhone, let’s find out how. Analyze your phone data or have a quick overlook and start deleting useless stuff which is simply holding your storage. Even old backups which you don’t require in recent time should be deleted. 

It may take some time with this deleting process but you will be free from the junk. No need for you to carry unwanted stuff to your new device. There can be lots of stuff in your phone which certainly has no use like duplicate contents if you to make the deletion process faster you can take help from a third-party free app.

For example Phone cleaner it finds similar contents in your phone like contacts and images etc.

After you are done with deleting data, start with the backup process. If you have never made a backup of your iPhone, follow the next steps to do this:

Backup your iPhone or other iOS devices before wiping it

If you decide to wipe out your phone you will have to save your phone content, so you don’t miss out on important stuff when needed. To do so you will have to back up your content which you can do with iCloud.

iCloud provides 5 GB of free storage for more space you will need to pay a reasonable of $0.99 per month for 50GB, $3.99 for 200GB, and 1TB for $9.99 per month.


In most cases, 5GB is enough space for the backing of the phone so buying extra space would probably be not required. If there are lots of stuff in your account keep your phone for backup overnight, connecting it with wifi and also make sure that it has enough battery if not power plug it.

How you can Back up your iPhone?

iCloud Backup


To manually backup data with iCloud follow the steps below

Step1: Open Settings from the Home screen.

Step2: Tap on the Apple ID displayed at the top of the screen.

Step3: Tap iCloud.

Step4: Scroll down to iCloud Backup.

Step5: Toggle the iCloud backup button

Step6: Tap OK on the prompt. 

iTunes Backup

You can also prefer iTunes for backing your recent data, and here too you should manually enable iTunes backup to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.


Step1: Connect your iPhone with Mac device or Windows computer.

Step2:  iTunes will automatically open up, if not then manually launch iTunes.

Step3: Tap on the iPhone icon in the menu bar of iTunes

Step4: Tap on Back Up Now. 

Step5: Back up Apps, if asked.

Note that you can select encrypt iPhone backup if you want to save your Health and Activity data. For this, you will have to set up a password to access it later. This process takes more time compared to an unencrypted backup.

No matter which method you choose you has secured data with Backup. Just tap on Backup Now in the setting. Under the Latest Backup, you will see the date and time of your actual backup.

How to Wipe an iPhone?

After you have successfully created the backup of your iOS device, you can start to erase all data on the iPhone.

Remember that as long as you are signed in to iCloud with your Apple ID, any note, contact, photo or other iCloud information deleted manually from iPhone will be automatically removed from the iCloud as well. Therefore, we advise using a correct and quick way to wipe the iPhone.

Follow the next steps to delete data from an iPhone while keeping your data in iCloud, so you will be able to restore your data on a new iPhone:

Unpair Apple Watch with your iPhone First

apple watch

Step1: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

Step2: Go to My Watch and choose your watch

Step3: Tap on the info icon and select Unpair Apple Watch.

Sign out from all your Accounts iCloud, iTunes & the App Store

If you are using iOS 10.3 follow steps below, 

wipe ios13 data

Step1: Open Settings App 

Step2: Tap on your displayed at the top of your screen. Scroll down and tap Sign Out

Step3: Confirm the action by entering your Apple ID and tap Turn Off.

If you have been using an earlier version of that is iOS 10.2 and earlier

Step1: Open Settings App

Step2: Go to iCloud and tap on Sign Out.

Step3: Select sign out once again to confirm the process.

Step4: Select Delete from My iPhone and type in your Apple ID password. 

Sign out from your Apple ID as well


Step1: Then, go to Settings

Step2: iTunes & App Store

Step3:  Apple ID

Step4:  Sign Out.

Reset and Erase all Contents from your Phone

Step1: Open Settings

Step2: Go to General

Step3: Select Reset

Step4: Scroll down to Erase All Content and Settings

Step5: Enter your passcode

Step6: Tap Erase to confirm the action. That’s it your iPhone will completely wipe out.


Please note that it’s important to first sign out an iPhone from iCloud, and secondly remove all data from the device.

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