How to Loop a YouTube Video on iPhone, Android, and Computer


Everyone loves to watch their favourite YouTube videos on loop and specially when you love a particular song you always want it on repeat. At times, it can also be any short clip or any newly released video of your favourite show or series. The reason behind you hitting the repeat button is that you are deeply influenced by the content of the video. 

Today, content has reached that level that it can inspire people in an instant. This is because of the tremendous dedication and perseverance of the creators. It feels soothing to listen to the same content again and again. It depends upon the choice of the individual to loop the video or not. 

If you are highly inspired by the content of the video and don’t get bored by listening to it then you can loop the video. This saves a lot of time and effort. You do not have to click the screen repeatedly. You can continue with your work peacefully and don’t need to restart the video again and again. This enhances your experience.

How to Loop YouTube Video ?

There are different processes to loop a video on youtube based upon the device which we are using. The process is different for a mac or windows pc and an iOS or Android. One needs to be well-acquainted with both processes. By following the relevant process one can easily repeat their admired clips automatically. 

One can also repeat a youtube video by the use of third-party applications. The sole purpose of these applications is to perform a specific task. With the assistance of these applications, one can easily loop the desired video without facing any sort of hassles. One needs to keep in mind the steps that must be followed to loop a particular video. These steps have been discussed in detail.

Looping a particular video is possible on both devices. This is the reason why users enjoy working on both devices. This article will help them rejoice in their favourite video for a pretty long duration. 

It is well known to all that third-party applications are easy to use on iOS and android devices as compared to mac or windows pc. However, the margin is slight so it would not be fair to count out the mac or windows pc. Both devices are good at their level. 

Steps to Loop a Youtube video on an iOS or Android device:

loop a youtube video

  1. Launch the YouTube application by clicking on it.
  2. Scroll down or search for your favorite video which you watch repeatedly and wish to loop.
  3. Click on the add to playlist icon on the top of the screen. One needs to be cautious and tap on this option only and not on any other option
  4. From the list of options that appear on the screen, click on the new playlist option to make a new playlist.
  5. Assign a name to the latest playlist created.
  6. After assigning the name, tap on the create button to complete the process of creation of the playlist.
  7. Click on the add to playlist icon again.
  8. Choose the playlist created from the list of a given playlist.
  9. To gain access to the latest playlist generated, one needs to go to the library section which is located in the bottom-right corner in the youtube application.Loop a YouTube Video on Android Phone
  10. Select the playlist that was recently created and open the video that has been added to the respective playlist recently.
  11. Next, click on the drop-down arrow in the corner underneath the screen of the application.
  12. After this long process, tap on the repeat icon that has appeared on the screen to loop the respective video.loop a youtube video

If one follows these steps in the right order then they don’t need to click on the repeat icon every time because the video will be repeated spontaneously. One can keep enjoying their favorite video after finishing this process. 

However, one needs to make sure that only one video is present in the playlist created. If there are multiple videos present then YouTube plays them in series and the respective video which the user wishes to loop will not repeat. Therefore, it is better to keep only one video in the playlist generated.

This process is a little different for Mac or a Windows pc. This is because of the drastic change in the platform. However, there is a proper process for everything. If one wishes to loop a particular video on the comparatively bigger screens of a mac or windows pc then they don’t need to take any sort of stress.  One needs to follow a simple series of steps to get the job done.

Steps to loop a Youtube Video on Mac or Windows PC

loop a Youtube Video on Mac

  1. Launch the browser with which you are compatible and open Youtube.
  2. Scroll down to your favorite video which you want to loop.
  3. Right-click on the video and click on the loop option.

Just after following these simple steps, one can loop the respective video easily. Looping the video is quite easy on a mac or a windows pc as compared to the iOS or android device. The experience of watching is also comparatively better. 

Therefore, it is important to learn this process on those platforms so that one can loop any video of their choice at any place and at any time.

One can also take the assistance of various third-party apps to loop a particular video. These third parties provide a lucrative experience. They have been developed after a lot of practice and after a lot of technical checks. The creators have ensured that these apps deliver up to their expectations. They have worked to solve any sort of exceptional errors that may occur while initiating the looping process. 

These apps are much easy to use and can be downloaded on all devices. They have proved to be worthy enough to be used. Further, they are equipped with certain features which are not provided on normal applications. If those features are used consecutively then one becomes accustomed to them and gives these third-party applications preference over the original applications.

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Some of the most famous third-party Applications for Looping Videos are:

  1. Loop2learn
  2. Musepic
  3. Youtubeloop

With major advancements in the application market, people have gained access to a wide variety of applications. Many new applications are created every day and it will not be a surprise if we get to witness new applications for looping videos in the future.

These apps have enhanced our experience and have given us the pleasure of repeating our favourite videos without any problem.


This article will surely provide the reader with many ways to loop their favourite video based upon the platform which they are using. The ones who are accustomed to the iPhone will be pleased to know that a brand new picture-in-picture mode is now supported for youtube. 

This has completely enhanced the experience of Youtube on an iPhone. This feature was added with the iOS 14. One can follow the above-mentioned steps to loop their favourite video accordingly for their device.

It has been observed that the Mac or Windows pc has given the users a better alternative as compared to ios or android devices when it comes to looping videos. However, the iOS or Android devices can take assistance from other applications to compete with the Mac or Windows pc. 


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