Pokémon Go: How to get Leafeon, Glaceon, and all the Eevee Evolutions!

Pokémon Go: How to get Leafeon, Glaceon, and all the Eevee Evolutions!

As we all know playing games gives a gift of good times. If you have not tried any series of the game, then Pokemon Go is the best game that you should give a try. Pokémon Go gives you lessons at many stages and you can follow these tricks in the real world as well.

Pokemon Go is an extremely addictive game that has completely shattered the gaming industry. In July last year, Nintendo made this happen and as a result, the mobile game became the most momentous revolutionary leap in the entire 20-years history of Pokemon.

There is no doubt that every Pokemon lover around the world fell for the game that brought the animated cartoon characters into real lives. Nobody has thought that their favorite cartoon characters will be roaming on the streets and you will be catching them via smartphones!

Pokemon Go

On the internet, there are a lot of helpful tools available that will assist you to understand how to do things perfectly. It can be possible in the initial stage you face some issues but gradually you will not only enjoy but have fun to experience something great.

The game Pokemon Go has seen immense popularity and height of craze worldwide. It’s still in trend, though not as popular as it was in the starting owing to several issues and bugs that surrounded the game in its early weeks. Maybe these reasons are up to an extent the cause of slanting slope in its success. In any manner, Pokemon Go remains to rank among the best and most popular games of all time on the mobile platform.

Types of Pokemon

There are enormous types of pokemon like Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Espeon, Vaporean, and so on.

types of pokemon

Leafeon is a solid grass-type Pokemon with some pokemon go movesets; it’s stronger than the likes of Venusaur, Torterra and Roserade, but is low-grade to the likes of Exeggutor, Shaymin and Legendary Celebi.

Glaceon is the stronger of the gen 4 evolutions for Eevee; it ranks as one of the better ice-type Pokemon in the game, only behind Mamoswine and legendary Pokemon Regice and Articuno. It excels the likes of Weavile and Jynx with ease.

Flareon isn’t as powerful as Moltres or Entei, but those two are legendary Pokemon that can’t be found, caught or powered up as easily. It is still the best non-legendary fire Pokemon option in the game by considering all things.

Vaporeon is trampled by both Kyogre and Gyarados. Kyogre is one more legendary, and Gyarados – which is far more tricky to evolve from the lowly Magikarp. It is a great water Pokemon option alongside something like a Blastoise with a good IV.

Jolteon doesn’t fit in the best Pokemon list but finds itself in a similar situation to Flareon. It is a great, viable electric-type Pokemon that’s only really hand-over-fist beaten by Zapdos and Raikou, legendary beasts.

Espeon has fewer rivals in the Psychic-type category, but it still has two legendary Pokemon to fight with – Mewtwo and Latios. It is unsurprisingly worse than this pair but is on the whole superior to most other Psychic Pokemon in the game.

Are you wondering how to use Leafeon and Glaceon in Pokemon Go? If yes, then read below.

In the game, the latest Eevee-lutions have been added. Now, Pokémon Go leafeon and Pokemon go Glaceon is available. But the method of how to get Leafeon and Glaceon is bit different. For the first time in Pokémon Go, you can use a nickname trick to get Leafeon and Glaceon but for this, you need to utilize some new items that have been added to the game.

How to get Leafeon and Glaceon in Pokemon Go

There are two unique nicknames that you can give to your Eevee to evolve it into either Leafeon or Glaceon, the same as the previous five Eevee-lutions.

Just edit the name of your Eevee before evolution, and you can guarantee the specific Eevee-lution you will only receive the first evolution. If you have already got one then the nickname trick will not work!

Pokemon Go nicknames

Now, know all the Eevee-lution nicknames:

  • Flareon – Pyro
  • Jolteon – Sparky
  • Vaporeon – Rainer
  • Espeon – Sakura
  • Umbreon – Tamao
  • Leafeon – Linnea
  • Glaceon – Rea

You need to follow the assigned method to receive respective Pokemon. For Leafeon and Glaceon the method is:


In the shop in-game you will see three brand new lures available: Mossy lure, Magnetic Lure, and Glacial Lure. This you will get for 200 coins apiece to acquire Leafeon and Glaceon.


Visit the nearest poke stop and apply either the Mossy Lure for Leafeon or the Glacial Lure for Glaceon. Then search for the Eevee you want to evolve in your list. If it is done appropriately then the “evolve” button should display the silhouette of either Leafeon or Glaceon. If it shows a “?” mark, then do not evolve Eevee because there is no guarantee that it will turn into the Pokémon you want.

Get your desired Pokemon and simply enjoy Pokémon Go and make your leisure time most entertaining.


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